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February of 1980, Captain Robert Saulter, whom were serving with the U.S. Army in Europe, serving as an Army Equal Opportunity Officer, was motivated to “do something special” in observance of Black History.  He solicited the ideas of twelve of his friends, who together decided to sponsor a “Ms. Black Heritage Pageant” at the F & W Control Tower Lounge.  The pageant was a smashing success and motivated the group to organize in order to continue sponsoring worthy causes for the betterment of the community—The Controllers Club was born. Subsequently, the theme: “Controlling Our Own Destiny,” and the motto and slogan, “Of those to whom much is given, much is required,” and “All It takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing,” were adopted. As the months passed, the club expanded its membership to 35 and was incorporated as 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, charitable corporation whose primary concern was and is assisting less fortunate youths and the elderly. Controllers have also historically said, in the words of the late John F. Kennedy:  “We will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, assist any friend and oppose any foe,” in order to assure the success and survival of the CONTROLLERS’ CIVIC AND SOCIAL CLUB.  The Club is primarily comprised of active duty and retired military members.  Initially, the club was primarily all male organization; it has since allowed women to become active members.  At present we have six (6) active female members. We are proud of our heritage and the services we provide to our surrounding communities.  Over the past 32 years we have provided over 21,912 pairs of shoes to Head Start children in our surrounding communities, benevolent donations to several churches each month, provided for several needy families, provided emergency donations to selected individuals, families and agencies.   
Will Simmons-------------------------President
Michell Garner------------------------------Vice President
Cleveland Harrell---------------------Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Cynthia Abdul-Rahmaan------------Executive Secretary
Pennie Manigault---------------------Asst Executive Secretary/Program Director
John Ransom--------------------------Treasurer
Stanley Harris-------------------------Sgt @ Arms
Johnny Farris--------------------------Parliamentarian/Historian 
Pennie Manigault-------------------------Public Relations                                        
Josephine McClenny-----------------Ways and Means                                    
Danny Whitehead---------------------Chairperson/Membership/
                                                         Political Action Chairperson
Robert Giles----------------------------Member
Retonya Williams---------------------Member
Edith Lewis----------------------------Member

Mr Walter Edney 
       Mrs Mary Caldwell-Williams           
Mr. Roy Crooms
  Mr. Gary Reynolds

                                                HONORARY MEMBERS
  The Late George Ford                              Senator Ed Harbison
  Honorable Mayor Teresa Tomlinson       Congressman Sanford Bishop             
  Late Mayor Pro-Tem A. J. McClung       State Representative Calvin Smyre        
  Honorable Mary Buckner                        Mr. Steve Melton           
  Mr. Robert Anderson                               Paster Jimmy Elder
  The Late Rev. Jimmie Jakes                    Mayor Pro-Tem Evelyn Turner Pugh
  Honorable Robert Poydasheff                 The Late. Reginald Pugh                                
  Honorable Frank Martin                          Dr. Richard Bloom
  Mr. Bill Heard                                         Mr. Frank Chester
  Dr. William Perry                                    Mrs. Carol Gertjegerdes
  Bishop Keith G. Blue                              Mr. Henry Holt                    
  Mr. Edgar Champange
  Ms. Patricia Liddell